Sesshin application

Ordinary Mind Zendo is organizing annual 4-day Jukai sesshin in Lammi, near the city of Hämeenlinna from 11th of October to 15th of October. (11.10-15.10.2017, Wednesday to Sunday).

Sesshin fees for members of TMZ: 4 days 166 €. Fees for non-members: 4 days 189 €. Both include a reservation fee of 40€. Weekend participation fees are 95/85€.

Payment sums or payment dates may be negotiated if the applicants economical standing is poor.

More info can be inquired from: (Janika Tanni)
A more detailed schedule will be sent to the participants later on.

Payment dates and terms: A registration fee of 40€ which must be paid by 4th of October, 2017.

The whole sesshin fee should be paid by 11th of October, 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: the registration fee must be paid due 4th of October, otherwise the participant cannot come to the sesshin.
If the applicant cancels his/her participation after 4th of October, the reservation fee wont be refunded.

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