Tampere Zendo

Zendo is located in the fellowship house Artteli’s 4th floor, in the address salhojankatu 42, Tampere.

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We intend to create a concept for the space, in which other groups
and individuals could possibly join in.

Jani Henttonen
jani_kristian (at) hotmail.com

Jussi Anttonen
varisrauta (at) gmail.com

Ordinary Mind – zendo’s meditation times:

Thursday : 18:00 – 19:05 (2 x 30 min zazen, 1x 5 min walking meditation)
Please come to the zendo by 17:45 latest. Front door is open.

Sunday : 13:00 – 14:45(3 x 30min zazen, 2 x 5 min walking meditation)
Please come to the zendo by 11:45 latest. Front door is closed on Sundays.


You should arrive approximately 15 minutes before the sitting starts.

Prices : please leave a dana of 4 euros for a guided zazen meditation. Students and unemployed : 2 or 3 euros.
For members, these sittings are included in membership fee.

Zazenkais – full day of sitting costs 10 euros to participate, students and unemployed : 5 euros.
Free for members.

(Prices and times might change. These will be updated when needed.)