Ordinary Mind Zendo’s Retreat Center

Lammi Retreat Center
Kataloistentie 681
Hämeenlinna, Finland

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Renting the center

We like to upkeep the center with an attitude, which we describes as “radical hospitality”. In practice this means
that we welcome anyone, anyone can pay us a visit and be welcome. Also, it means that we can rent the center to almost anyone, with an open mind. All buddhist groups can rent the place, but this is not limited. We can also rent space for individuals for living, with certain restrictions.

The building works well also as an location for different kind of exercise- and art workshops, for example. As our groups zendo, we use this former schools gymnasium – so there’s plenty of space!

The center can also be rented for different kind of meetings or gatherings. There are approximately 40 beds. Kitchen is clean, spacious and modern – for example, we have 2 refrigerators and a storage room for storing bigger amounts of food. We also have new washing machine and a dryer, several showers – of course, our own sauna as well. For organizing meditation retreats, we have 20 zabutons and 10 zafus in the center. We plan on getting more in the future.

If you are interested in renting the center, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Reservations are handled by our association’s board member Timo Teräväinen:

Timo Teräväinen:


If you wish, you can also contact Karen Terzano for any questions – in english only, please.

Karen Terzano:


Birth of the center:

Fairly soon after our sangha was born, we started organizing sesshins, meditation retreats. On several occasions, we rented a place called Lantula house, located in Sastamala. The house was quite compact considering we had over 20 people in our sesshins, but it was cozy. Some of the participants had their mattresses in the attic for the lack of space. During the first rohatsu, some the participants made beautiful ice lanterns in the yard. The house was good for our needs, although emptying and re-organizing the place before and after sesshins was troublesome. Organizers soon became familiar with our “local” zen teachers – Karen Terzano’s – idea of having the sesshins in a space that would be as visually clear and spartan as possible. We covered the bookshelves with large sheets of paper, for example. “No visual clutter – so the mind can focus.”

Although the place started to become familiar and safe to us, the buddhist wisdom about things being in the state of perpetual change, became soon clear in this matter. Karen announced that she would like to stay in Finland, which of course was good news for our group. Karen had an idea – why would she buy an apartment in some city, when she could use the same financial resources to buy an old school in a countryside – that would function as a retreat center as well as her home.


A part of our group started looking for suitable locations and buildings. Fairly soon we found one in Lammi – a well kept building which had an ideal location as well – in between of Helsinki and Tampere, cities in which Ordinary Mind has zendos. In the beginning of 2013 we visited the place and Karen made words into actions. Our gropu memebers hesitated at first, but Karen was certain that she could – and that we could – make the place work. “I ran a hotel for 7 years in South America”, she said. This American zen teacher was quite fast for our more slower Finnish mentality, but it didn’t matter.

In June 2013, Karen bought the school of Kataloinen from the city of Hämeenlinna. The first sesshin was held in July right after a hectic preparation period and the next one in October. The building has proved to be in excellent shape and very functional for the retreat use.


This is the calendar for Lammi retreat center’s reservations.
If you wish to rent the center for your or your groups use, you can check the available times from this calendar.


Photos from inside the retreat center

Photos from the retreat center’s grounds and from nearby


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