Tavallinen Mieli Zendo association has three membership statuses:

Usual membership. Amount of the membership fee depends by the town where the zendo is. Tampere zendo’s fee is 25€ per month. Reduced membership fee for low income members (unemployed, students etc.) is 15€ per month. Helsinki zendo’s fees are 30€/15€ and Jyväskylä’s 20 €/ 15€

Out-of-town membership, 15€ per month. For low income members (unemployed, students etc.) 10€ per month.

Friends of TMZ, 15 € per month.

You may join by e-mailing us or just telling about your interest to do so at our zendo.

As a member you help to support the functions of our association and zendos.

Bank details for membership and sesshin payments:

Ordinary Mind Zendo central account (sesshin payments, etc) : Nordea FI02 1146 3500 8154 41

Tampere Zendo account: Nordea FI03 1146 3500 8404 49

Helsinki Zendo account: Nordea FI9011463500826661

Jyväskylä Zendo account: Nordea FI60 1838 3500 0022 58